Infant Care & Early Education Program

Our infant program is highlighted by loving caregivers focused on the individual needs of your baby. Your baby will explore and learn in a nurturing environment that provides the warmth and security he or she is used to receiving at home.

We respond to your infant’s energy and curiosity with engaging spaces that encourage language, cognitive skills, social interaction, motor skills, and emotional development. We partner with you to develop individualized feeding, playing and sleeping schedules to reinforce your existing schedule.

Our infant curriculum is framed by Creative Curriculum, a nationally-recognized, scientifically-based program that supports your baby in developing crucial skills. We supplement this curricular framework with proprietary brain-based experiences, developed by early education experts to provide for optimal brain development.

Research tells us that children’s brains develop best when they have active experiences in:

  • Critical thinking
  • Movement
  • Language development
  • Relationship building
  • Sensory exploration

We create learning spaces and engaging experiences that provide all of these – and so much more.

Your Baby’s Day at The Sunshine House

  • Our caregivers hold, rock, sing to, smile at, and explore the world with your baby
  • Both individual and small group experiences, so your baby can explore and learn from the world and others
  • Tummy time for muscle development
  • Time outside to connect with nature

Infant Program Features:

  • Attentive and caring teachers
  • Nationally-recognized curriculum
  • Daily feedback and communication
  • Spanish and sign language program
  • Full-time, part-time, drop-in programs
  • Affordable, all-inclusive tuition
  • Financial aid programs available

Infant Program’s Developmental Goals

  • Increase awareness of environment
  • Provide feeling of security
  • Stimulate language development
  • Encourage intellectual development
  • Promote physical growth and sound nutrition
  • Develop positive self-esteem

Infant Program’s Developmental Milestones

  • Lift head
  • See objects and follow motions
  • Show emotions
  • Roll over, sit up, stand with assistance, walk with support
  • Emerging language development
  • Begin to eat baby food
  • Teeth emerge
  • Interact with familiar adults