7 “Flying with Baby” Tips for Frazzled Parents


 Did you fly with your little ones this holiday season – and vow never to repeat the mistake again until your kids were old enough to drive? It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are 7 quick tips for flying with baby. 

1. Pack strategically

When traveling with a baby, pack strategically to fit the airline’s weight and bag requirements. You should pack plenty of extra clothing and diapers, along with snacks and fluids (or at least bottles for after airport security). 

2. Carry-on a blanket

Traveling is messy and stressful, making it difficult for your little to feel comfortable. Bring your baby’s favorite toy or blanket to make sure she’s comforted during the journey. Plus, if she’s resting (and not crying), the other passengers will thank you.

3. Dress your baby in layers

Temperatures change quickly when you’re traveling, especially on airplanes. Dress your baby in easily-removable layers so you meet their needs (and avoid being “that” crying baby’s parent on the plane).

4. Plan your seat

Try to sit as close to the front as possible when traveling with an infant or toddler. The back of the plane is harder to exit from, and is also noisier and bouncier than the front—making your baby less likely to rest on the flight. Avoid bulkhead rows because they make it hard to reach carry-on luggage during diaper emergencies.

5. Prevent the popping

During the flight, give your child something to suck on to avoid the dreaded ear popping from altitude changes. Pack a bottle, pacifier, or other teething toy.

6. Avoid long trips (whenever possible)

Children get antsy, even babies. When you’re traveling, try to take walks before your flight boards or during layovers to get your kids moving before being confined to a seat for hours. 

7. Be polite to passengers

Of course you’re stressed out, but so are your fellow passengers. While you can't control your baby's cries, you can apologize to others. Your apology really makes a difference to the people around you, and it will make the entire experience easier for everyone. 


Traveling with a baby or toddler is no easy feat, especially on an airplane. While these tips won’t solve all your problems, they will hopefully make you feel a little less frazzled!


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