Toddler Childcare & Early Education Programs

From first steps to first friendships, our toddler childcare program attends to your whole child -- body, mind, and spirit.

We respond to your toddler's growing curiosity, energy and enthusiasm with fun learning activities and creative playtime, while introducing structure and a routine. These experiences help make learning fun!

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Brain Connect Toddler Curriculum

The perfect compliment to our Brain Connect infant curriculum, our exclusive Brain Connect toddler curriculum continues the brain-based learning continuum in developmental domains like:

  • Critical thinking
  • Language and literacy
  • Movement
  • Relationships
  • Sensory learning

Our toddler environment is intentionally-designed to facilitate playful experiences. Your child will enjoy activity centers like language, math and science, creative arts, dramatic play, and music and movement.

As your toddler develops, we create structures and routines to meet your little one’s ever-increasing skills.

Inside Your Toddler's Day

Play in the toddler space is organized in a predictable, consistent way. The schedule planned by your child's teacher will ensure the appropriate blend of active, vigorous play and periods of peaceful, calm rest.

The following components are incorporated into your child's day.

  • Learning interactions, including relationship building exercises, critical thinking, sensory and language experiences
  • Small group brain-based learning experiences
  • Story time that includes Seeds of Literary, focusing on literacy skills and character development
  • Music and movement
  • Outside time

Toddler Program Goals

  • Positive self-image
  • Language development and analytical skills
  • Creativity
  • Increased attention span
  • Healthy and independent self-care, including toilet training
  • Physical development and sound nutrition
  • Developmentally-appropriate complex emotions

Toddler Program's Developmental Milestones

  • Show interest in fine motor skills, like coloring and cutting
  • Enjoy using body for large motions (running, dancing, kicking)
  • Form phrases and sentences
  • Identify names with people and objects
  • Begin to recognize that other people have feelings
  • Use body to express emotions
  • Promote social play


Downloadable | Developmental Checklists by Age

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