Your child’s safety is what matters most. At The Sunshine House, we take every precaution to ensure your child is safe and secure when they spend their day with us.

Coronavirus Health & Safety Practices

We have recently updated our health and safety measures based on new guidance from the CDC and state and local officials. The changes below will go into effect on Monday, June 21. Should you live in a state still under a state of emergency order, your state's regulations will supersede the changes outlined below.

  • Building & Classroom Access Expanded: Beginning June 21, families are welcome to enter the building and accompany their child into the classroom. Please note we will still take temperatures before anyone can enter the building. If a parent or child has a temperature, they will not be allowed into the classroom.

  • Masks No Longer Required: Beginning June 21, face masks will no longer be required inside the building. However, masks will continue to be required on buses and for therapists working with a child inside the school.

  • Temperature Checks: We will continue to screen all staff members, children, parents, and visitors upon arrival at school to check for raised temperatures. No one with a temperature will be allowed inside the facility.

  • Extracurricular Activities May Resume: Soccer Shots, Happy Feet and other extracurricular activities may resume as of June 21.

  • Summer Camp Field Trips: Off-site field trips are permitted for summer camp. Field trips will vary by school. Please contact your Center Director for details and schedules.

  • Therapists Permitted: Beginning June 21, therapists will be permitted inside our schools. If a therapist is not fully vaccinated, they will be required to wear a mask during their visits.

If you have any questions about our health and safety precautions, please feel free to contact your Center Director or email for more information.

Security Cameras & Additional Safety Measures  

  • Our school is always locked. The front door is secured with electronic keypad entry, so only authorized staff and families may enter. Visitors must sign-in and present a valid ID to enter our building.

  • Most schools* are equipped with security cameras throughout classrooms and the lobby. These cameras are closely monitored by management and can be viewed by families at any time in the lobby.

  • Our playgrounds are fenced and secured with gates to ensure your child can play outdoors safely.

  • We continuously monitor all children, including when they enter or exit the building, enter or exit a vehicle or move to a new location in or around our school.

  • Our school has smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and both are regularly inspected.

  • Our team members are certified in first aid and CPR. Our infant and toddler teachers receive SIDs training.


*We anticipate security cameras to be installed in all schools by Dec. 2021.

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