Our Curriculum

Our goal is to ignite passion for learning, and prepare your child for success in school and in life. Everything we do focuses on the development of your child – from literacy, math, science, and social studies to social-emotional and physical development.

Creative Curriculum®
We are proud to use the award-winning Creative Curriculum® in our classrooms, blended with the latest research into early education and brain development. We use this curriculum because we know the power it has to build a solid learning foundation for your child. It is also one of the few curriculums approved by every State Department of Education in the country!

In our classrooms, we include daily instruction and activities targeted toward these 9 essential developmental areas:

  • Social-emotional
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Cognitive
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science & technology
  • Social studies
  • Arts

For more information on the Creative Curriculum® and how it’s used in your child’s classroom, please ask your Center Director or visit www.creativecurriculum.net.

Spanish & Sign Language
We incorporate two additional languages into our programs – Spanish and Sign Language. Why? Research shows that early exposure to second (or third) languages provides children with multiple developmental benefits, including:

  • More advanced first language skills
  • More ease in speaking a second language later in life
  • Greater cultural understanding
  • More advanced literacy acquisition
  • Greater cognitive functioning

Beginning as early as our infant program, your child will be exposed to Spanish words and phrases in natural ways, and are invited to use them throughout the day. Your child will also begin learning simple signs (signing) to express themselves. This empowers your child to communicate before developing the ability to use speech to express themselves.

Seeds of Literacy
Our exclusive program, Seeds of Literacy, uses high-quality children’s literature to help your child’s literacy and character development through shared reading, interactive discussions, and engaging small groups.

Every month, your child’s teacher will read a story using a set of techniques designed to build on your child’s understanding of literacy concepts and encourage the development of positive character traits. Through these experiences, your child will build an understanding of literacy concepts, story comprehension, book knowledge, and the connection between oral and written language.

Ask your teacher or Center Director for more information on this month’s book – or look for the Seeds of Literacy display in your child’s classroom!

NFL Play 60
We’ve partnered with the National Football League to provide your school-age child with NFL Play 60 – the NFL’s program to encourage children to be active at least 60 minutes a day. Your child will track activity toward meeting goals, participate in fun outdoor games, such as relay races, tug of war, soccer, and more! Most importantly, your child will learn the value of at least 60 minutes of activity each day. Visit www.nfl.com/play60 to learn more.

Our curriculum is one of the few approved by every State Department of Education in the country!

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