10 Best Products to Baby-Proof Your Home


When you have a little one at home, everything becomes a potential hazard. Baby proofing is vital to keeping your baby safe. But with so many potential dangers in the home and countless baby-safety products to choose from, how do you decide which products to use in your home?

In honor of Baby Safety Month, we’ve put together our favorite products for keeping your baby safe around the house.


1. Clean up the cords 

Window blind cords are a potential choking hazard for your baby, and at the very least your baby can do some damage by pulling on these cords. With Safety 1st Wind Ups, you can store excess cords to keep them out of reach with an easy twist.

2. Test the waters

Bath water that is too hot can scald your baby's delicate skin, meanwhile, water that's too cold can compromise their immune system. With the Dreambaby Room and Bath Thermometer, the yellow duck gives a color-coded temperature reading (red means too hot and green means too cold), so you can adjust bath water accordingly. 

3. Anchor the furniture

Once your child starts walking and crawling, he’ll explore every corner of your home. Keep your curious tot safe with these Furniture Anchors for Baby Proofing to secure furniture from tipping over. These anchor your furniture to the wall and can withstand up to 300 pounds of force. Use the straps on your bookshelves, tables, couches, chairs, dressers, and more!

4. Secure socket covers 

Electric sockets are at the perfect height to grab your little one’s attention. Prevent shocks by using Safety 1st’s Electrical Socket Cover to hide electrical slots while still accessing your plugs.

5. Lock cabinets and drawers 

Curious kids get into some dangerous things if left to their own devices. Adding the KidCo Swivel Cabinet and Drawer Lock will prevent your little ones from getting into unsafe situations in the kitchen, bathroom, and all throughout the house.

6. Secure stovetop settings 

The stove is especially dangerous with open flames and hot surfaces. The Safety 1st Clear View Stove Knob Covers prevent your kids from accidentally knocking or turning on burners.

7. Avoid open ovens 

Similar to the stovetop, the oven is a major hazard for your children. We spend so much time opening and closing the oven that kids become curious about cooking. To avoid burns or worse, install the Safety 1st Oven Front Lock to keep your child away from the oven. 

8. Protect the potty 

The toilet can be a drowning danger for your curious baby. By installing Mommy’s Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok, you can feel secure when your child is near the potty.

9. Pad sharp corners

From crawling to walking, babies fall a lot. Sharp corners are a baby’s biggest enemy, but they can easily be fixed by installing these transparent, soft Table Corner Guards. These guards are easy to install and fit on a number of household corners from coffee tables to countertops.

10. Do not disturb doorknobs

Once your baby becomes mobile, opening and closing doors becomes a fun game. But when that door leads to a potentially dangerous area, it’s important to install door knob covers, such as the KidCo Knob Lock, which keeps curious kids out of trouble.

When it comes to your baby’s safety, there’s no such thing as overdoing it. With these important baby safety products, your job as a parent will be easier and your baby will be happy and safe.


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