6 Ways to Teach Your Child How to Clean


Probably one of the most difficult skills to teach your child is to enjoy cleaning. Let’s be honest; we don’t even enjoy cleaning sometimes, so getting your child to clean is like pulling teeth. Thankfully, there are some simple tips that will help our children 1) Learn how to clean, and 2) Like it a little more.

1. Stick to a routine

You could say that every day before dinner your room must be clean. This way they get in the habit of cleaning up before dinner so afterwards you can have some quality family time or plenty of time for the nighttime routine.

2. Show them how to clean up

Especially the little ones! They don’t know where the blocks go if you don’t show them first. Spend some time cleaning with your kids so that next time you tell them to go clean-up, they know what you mean! 

3. Establish a place for everything

From toys to shoes, right down to their toothbrush. Make sure everything has a specific place in your house and that your kids know where it is. Establishing this consistency will encourage cleanliness. 

4. Start small

Give them 5 minutes to clean and then move on to another task. Or start with one half of the playroom and return for the other half later. Sending your kids into a disastrous playroom with no time limit is just asking them to get distracted.

5. Make it a game

See who can clean up the fastest or how many toys they can put away in 60 seconds. The more fun they have, the more they will like cleaning. 

6. Acknowledge their cleaning efforts 

A simple hug, kiss, or even saying, “Great job cleaning your room today! It looks awesome!” Rewarding them for cleaning doesn’t always mean buying a new toy or giving them a sweet treat – although in some circumstances this may be appropriate.

We know that teaching your child the value of chores is one of the more difficult tasks of parenting. Hopefully you found these tips helpful and you get your little ones on the chore train.

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