6 Ways to Celebrate the Solar Eclipse


Don’t leave your kids in the shadows of the total solar eclipse! There are plenty of ways for your family to celebrate together on August 21st.

A total solar eclipse is when the shadow of the moon completely blocks the sun from visibility on Earth. The total solar eclipse is considered a “national eclipse” because it will carve a path from the west coast of Oregon to the east coast of South Carolina. A total of 14 states are in the path of totality for this astronomical event, and all mainland states will experience a partial eclipse.

Whether you live in the path of totality or not, you can celebrate this momentous occasion in a fun and educational way with your kids!

Get decked out in eclipse gear 

Celebrate the solar eclipse in style! Deck out your kids in their own solar eclipse safety glasses (not plain old sunglasses!). With this stylish gear, they can remember the astronomical occasion far beyond the event. Just make sure the glasses are safe for directly viewing the eclipse, which can still harm their sensitive eyes without solar lenses. 

Plan a solar eclipse viewing party 

If you live in the path of totality, find a nice place outside to view the eclipse. Make sure to wear eclipse-approved sunglasses. If you live outside of it, don’t worry! You can watch NASA’s EDGE megacast—a webcast starting at 2:45 p.m. EST, which will track the eclipse from Oregon to South Carolina. You can find the event streamed on UStream, YouTube, or Facebook.

Make solar eclipse snacks together 

While your eyes are taking in the sights, you taste buds can celebrate, too! There are plenty of easy snacks for you and your kids to make. Flips some pancakes of different sizes to recreate the sun and the moon, slice up some bananas for the sun and grapes for the moon, or even a delightful dessert of Vanilla Wafers and Oreo cookies sandwiched together.

Create solar eclipse crafts 

Get creative with your kids. You can easily make crafts educational by coloring the path of the sun, painting a picture of the eclipse, or cutting out construction paper models of the moon’s movements. Check out our solar eclipse Pinterest page for other fun craft ideas that you can do with your kids! 

Put together a pinhole projector 

No matter where you are, everyone in the mainland United States will experience a partial eclipse. Make a projector with your children that will project an image such as this one, which creates the state of your choice. Using the image, you and your kids can observe how the image changes as the sun is eclipsed.

 Find a solar eclipse event near you! 

If you can’t put together your own solar eclipse party, don’t worry! There are plenty of kid-friendly events happening inside and outside the path of totality. Check out a comprehensive list here.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the solar eclipse with your kids. With them in mind, this astronomical event will be a memory your children will treasure for a lifetime.


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