6 Reasons to Say Yes to Spring Break Camp!


If spring break is weighing on your mind and you can’t get off work to take care of the kids, then we have the solution for you - Spring Break Camp!

The Sunshine House offers a week-long sneak peak of our upcoming Quest for Adventure summer camp during spring break. Your kids will love it, and you won’t have to take those all-important vacation days you’ve been saving up! 

If you don’t need any more convincing, then head to our website to learn more or contact your local Sunshine House to register today!


If you still have questions, then keep reading to see why spring break camp may be the answer your family has been looking for!

Field Trips

Everyone loves field trips, and our spring break camp is full of them! Your child will experience a summer sneak peek with possibly a trip to the zoo, amusement park, stadium tour, planetarium, museum, petting zoo or more; the possibilities are endless. Ask your local Sunshine House for their field trip calendar for all the juicy details!

New Friends

What’s summer without your friends? When we survey our campers, spending time with friends (new and old) is always right up there with field trips as the most important aspect of summer camp! And socialization is an important aspect of your child’s development.

Engaging Activities & Special Guests

Just because school is out doesn’t mean the learning should stop (especially if it’s disguised as just plain old fun). We’ve got engaging, hands-on activities and special guests! In addition, we’ll give your camper a peek into summer’s 3 premier adventure weeks: 1) Art exploration, 2) STEM engineering, and 3) community involvement. 

NFL Play 60

Focusing on the wellness of our youth, we’ve partnered with the National Football League to offer NFL Play 60, a fun campaign to help get your kids active and moving. See what it’s all about!

Caring and Experienced Teachers

We’ve been helping families with their spring break and summer camp needs for more than 40 years. And our teachers and educators are professional, caring and absolutely love what they do. Schedule a tour to meet our fantastic spring break and summer camp teachers! 

Affordable Rates and Flexible Hours

We’re open when the public schools aren’t because we know that’s when you need us. And our hours are flexible and designed for working families. Attend the whole week, just a day, or even just a few hours to fit your family’s schedule. We’re here when you need us!


Ready to learn more? Contact your  local Sunshine House  for more information and to get registered!


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