6 Compliments You Should Be Giving Your Child


No matter who you are, compliments are day makers. To your kids, a compliment from mom or dad is like winning the gold medal in the household Olympics. Acknowledging your kids for genuine reasons can change their outlook on life and themselves. To make it easy, we’ve outlined 6 compliments you can give your children on this National Compliment Day!


1. Compliment their efforts

Whether it’s how hard they are working on their homework or, “I noticed you’ve been trying to keep your room clean and I appreciate that.” Complimenting their efforts is an easy teaching tool and a great way to keep them motivated.

2. Compliment who they are as a person

Integrity and character aren’t really qualities we often think about teaching our children (it’s more about brushing their teeth and tying their shoes). But complimenting their character is a great way to teach them about being a better person. Whether it’s their kindness toward their friends, honesty when asked questions, or respectfulness towards other adults, complimenting their character can go a long way.

 3. Compliment their contributions to the family

Chores. The dreadful tasks that every kid hates but every parent knows are necessary to keep a household running. One of the best ways to get your kids to like chores a little more is to compliment what they do that truly makes a difference in your household. Tell them how much you appreciate it when they wash dirty dishes or fold the laundry. Acknowledging their efforts can change their perspective on chores.

4. Celebrate milestones 

Take them out for some ice cream when they learn how to tie their shoes or let them choose what’s for dinner when they ace their math test. “We’re so proud of you! Keep up the good work.” Encouragement and acknowledgments can have long-lasting effects.

5. Compliment their efforts towards individuality

Picking their own outfits, pursuing an after-school activity they love, finding a hobby that sparks their creativity, these are all ways that kids show their individuality. They also give parents plenty of opportunities to support their individuality – even if it’s not necessarily your style. Try starting with, “I like your outfit today,” or “I can hear you practicing piano upstairs and it sounds beautiful.” Even if you don’t know a single thing about baseball or painting with oil pastels, support your kids in what they are interested in and commend their individuality.

6. Compliment how amazing they are

Each child is unique in their own way, which is pretty amazing! I’m sure you can think of countless ways to brag on your kiddo to the whole world, but make sure you are telling your child how awesome you think they are. Hearing it come from mom or dad is arguably the greatest compliment they will ever receive.


Of course there’s no limit to how many compliments you can give your child, but today on National Compliment Day we thought we’d remind you to tell your little ones how great you think they are! Oh – and you’re pretty great too, mom and dad.

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