Simple & Easy DIY Letter board!


Materials Needed: 

  • 14 Felt Sheets (Available at craft stores) 
  • 1 10"x10" Frame 
  • 1 Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks 
  • 1 Pack of Letter Board Letters (Available on Amazon or at Craft Stores)


  • Fold each felt sheet in half by .5" until the entire sheet is folded over and over (long ways). Use hot glue to hold each fold together. Do this for each sheet 
  • Take each folded piece of felt and hot glue it to the frame's backing. Place each felt piece directly under the other so that each piece is placed very closely together. 
  • Remove frame's glass piece and place the backing with the felt pieces attached, back into the frame. To ensure structure, you can also hot glue the backing of the frame onto the frame itself.  
  • Apply letters to spell the saying of your choice. 
  • Use it as a prop at parties, in your photos or just as a simple quote board for your home's décor! 



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