6 Reasons to be a Preschool Teacher


Are you considering teaching as a career path? Maybe you love kids and being able to use your creativity, so teaching seems like the perfect option for you. Or maybe you have a friend that teaches, and they love what they do (not to mention they always have the most hilarious stories from work).

Teaching preschool isn’t for everyone. But if it is the right career path for you, you’ve scored big time in the career department. We’ve put together 6 reasons why being a preschool teacher is one of the most rewarding career paths. If these resonate with you, maybe you should consider it for yourself!

1. Constant feedback

Kids are unfiltered. Spend one hour around a five-year-old and you’ll hear some things they’re parents probably wouldn’t be too excited about them repeating. They’ll let you know when you look tired, your shirt is wrinkled, or you have coffee breath. But they’ll also let you know when you’re doing something good. As a teacher, expect compliments, sweet notes and reports back from mom and dad about how much you’re appreciated. It makes all the negative feedback totally worth it.

2. Being creative

Teaching isn’t just doing arts and crafts all day, but preschool teaching definitely involves doing arts and crafts! At our schools, we focus on active learning. By engaging with children, kids are less likely to “check-out”. We encourage our teachers to come up with creative and engaging lessons, which gives them a lot of creative freedom. 

3. It’s never boring

Teaching is not a job you can check out for. You’re on at all times. If you’re worried about being bored or having a monotonous job, teaching is something you should look into. It comes with a lot of planning, a good sense of humor and being able to improvise.

4. You’re a role model

Like it or not, your students are always looking up to you. Teaching is your opportunity to show young minds the importance or learning, but also of being a good person. From teaching habits on recycling to dealing with conflict resolutions, every opportunity is a teaching moment and allows you to show off what being the best version of yourself looks like. 

5. The “aha” moment

If you’ve spent any time as a teacher, you know the “aha” moment. The moment that student who has been struggling to understand a subject just gets it. Kids learn differently, which takes a lot of trial and error in teaching. But watching it click for them is why teachers do what they do. 

6. Be part of a better tomorrow

As a teacher, you aren’t just making sure kids have their times tables memorized and know the difference between ‘there,” “their” and “there.” Those things are important, but what’s more important are the life lessons you get to teach. One of our major focuses in the classroom is emotional wellbeing, thinking beyond the “yes” and “no” and coming up with your own, well thought out answers. This creates a confidence in students that helps them thrive into adulthood.

Teaching is a big job that comes with some pretty big shoes to fill. But with the right resources, skills and heart, you can make a difference in the lives of your students. 

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