How Do I Know My Child is Learning?

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At The Sunshine House, your child will build a strong educational and social foundation – with all the fun of childhood mixed in! Everything we do focuses on your child’s development – from social, emotional, intellectual and physical development to literacy, math, science and social studies.

But how do you know if your child is learning? 

Learning is different from memorizing.  Being able to count to 10 or recite the ABCs is a sign of your child’s ability to memorize, but not a sign of critical thinking. Critical thinking is developed through trial and error, by exploring the concepts of cause and effect, by practicing new skills, and even by making mistakes.

We believe the best way to help your child succeed is to teach him or her to be a creative, confident thinker. That means offering opportunities for hands-on exploration, building lifelong critical thinking skills, and fostering confidence in your child.

Family-Teacher Conferences

To help you assess what your child is learning, your teacher will share the following about your child’s learning progress at family conferences:

  • Written records of observations of your child.
  • Work samples collected throughout the school year (drawings, writings or paintings).
  • Photographs of your child’s play and work (block structures, sculptures or similar projects).

Projects & Displays in the Classroom

Review the following areas when you pick up or drop off your child. Or take notice of these items sent home with your child:

  • Mobile app pictures or notes that show your child engaged in development activities.
  • Displays of artwork or projects created individually or by a group.
  • Seeds of Literacy classroom displays.


At The Sunshine House, your child will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We provide the opportunities to discover how things work, that words have meaning, and that numbers have patterns. 

We also support your child’s social and emotional growth. We’ll help your child learn important social skills by taking turns, sharing, handling feelings and being more independent. Our goal is to encourage, challenge and facilitate your child’s all-around growth.

For more information on our Creative Curriculum®, Brain Connect infant curriculum or to schedule a family conference with your child’s teacher, please contact your Center Director.

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