10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning a Family-Fun Affair



Spring means warmer weather, more daylight, and every mom’s not-so-favorite task of spring cleaning. The house can get all sorts grimy after a winter of being indoors tracking in snow, sleet, and mud. And the task of spring cleaning is a daunting one you shouldn’t have to tackle alone. There are so many ways to get your family involved that do not include forcing your kids to clean. So, if you are looking for fun-filled ways to make spring cleaning a family affair, read on!

1. Make it a competition 

Kids love a good challenge, so setting the clock and seeing who can pick up the most toys under the time limit is a great way to get them motivated. 

2. Post a list

You may find it helpful to post a list on the refrigerator of all the tasks that need to be done. When a task is finished, sign your name by it and the person who completes the most tasks gets a prize. 

3. Make it a day 

For some of us, spring cleaning can be a week-long or even month-long affair. But getting the whole family involved and dedicating one or two days to just knocking it out is a great bonding experience for your family. Plus you won’t have to worry about the looming spring cleaning task! 

4. Dance party 

Because everyone needs to let loose once in a while. Create a fun and exciting playlist for your family and dance your way to a clean house. 

5. Stay organized 

Even though the task at hand is to get the house organized, just telling your kids to go clean the playroom isn’t going to cut it. Be specific, be realistic, and keep track of your progress. 

6. Rewards 

I wouldn’t call it bribing, I would call it “rewarding them for their diligent hard work in helping with the housework.” A little incentive can go a long way! 

7. Take breaks 

This goes for you too! With a long day of cleaning you can quickly become grouchy and irritated. For every hour you spend cleaning, make sure you take 10 minutes to go outside and get some fresh air. Kids can catch cabin fever quickly. Stopping for a few minutes here and there isn’t going to put you behind and will keep everyone’s spirits up!

8. Kid-sized cleaning 

Try and find kid-sized cleaning supplies so your little ones don’t have to struggle with a broom 3-times their size. Give them tasks they can easily complete, like dusting the living room furniture or tidying up their bedroom. Leave the big stuff, like cleaning out closets, up to you.

9. Start young 

Yes, even the littlest ones in your household can help out! It can be as simple as holding the dust pan while you sweep – as long as they are involved! 

10. Set rules for decluttering

 Make it a point to throw out or donate 5 items from each room you clean. Make sure your kids are on board and let them be involved in the process of decluttering their room and the playroom. Delegating this task to them is a great way to encourage decision making and prioritization as well!


Whether you are in need of a good decluttering or just an intense deep clean of your house, get your family involved one way or another! Not only does it take some of the load off you; it’s a great way for your kids to learn about responsibility. So, before you freak out about spring cleaning this year, spend some time to plan it out so your kiddos can get in on all the action.


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