8 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids

8 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas For Kids

Random Acts of Kindness Day is coming up on February 17, and what better way to spread kindness than by showing our children how to be kind to others. Kids are little observers who see and mimic how we act. It’s important to set an example of how to be kind early on. Kids are the future, after all.

Ready to spread kindness? Show your preschooler how to pay it forward in these 8 simple acts of kindness.

1. Give a genuine compliment to a friend.

Daycare classes are full of friends! A classroom is the perfect opportunity for your child to show kindness to others. Set the example by sharing genuine compliments to friends, family members, and your children!

Whether a compliment is as simple as “I love your outfit today,” or a more heartfelt, “I’m proud of how you handled that situation,” kind words can go a long way. Kids can tell when we are being authentic, so make sure to be honest with your words.

2. Share a toy with another child in class.

You know what they say: sharing is caring. It can be challenging for children to share with others. But, this is an important social skill for children to develop in order to foster positive relationships.

What are some ways you can model sharing in your life? Perhaps during a meal, offer to share your dessert with another family member. Or during playtime, offer your “favorite toy” to your child.

Ask your preschooler if they would be willing to share as well. Challenge them to share one toy with a classmate tomorrow and follow up to see how it went.

For more on sharing, check out our Seeds of Literacy book, "It's Not Yours, It's Mine" by Susanna Moores. Ask your teacher or Center Director for more details.

3. Make a card for a family member.

Writing a card or letter to a family member shows you have been thinking about them. It’s easy to take family for granted, and the simple act of sending a note can go a long way.

Sit down with your child and write a letter to a family member together. Ask your preschooler what they love about their aunt or cousin. Write down how much you both miss them.

4. Volunteer in the community.

Taking time out of your week to volunteer is an impactful way to make a difference in your community. Share this experience with your son or daughter and choose an organization that means a lot to you both.

Paying it forward in the community can help your child to see that there is a world around them that needs a little love.

5. Ship a care package to a family or friend in need.

Everyone loves a care package! Whether there’s a college student in your life, a family member in a retirement home, or a friend who you haven’t seen in a while, share the love through a little box of goodies.

Ask your child to help you gather a few items you know they would love to receive. Ask them how it makes them feel to send a gift to someone they love.

6. Leave a snack out for delivery drivers.

We live in a world of express shipping. Amazon packages arrive at our doorstep often, and our delivery drivers are hard at work getting packages to us on time.

Show kindness to your delivery drivers with a basket of snacks at your front door! Showing kindness to strangers and service providers is a great way for children to learn to think outside of themselves.

7. Make a meal or dessert to bring to a neighbor.

Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal or freshly baked dessert? Make something fresh with your kids and deliver it to your neighbor as a surprise! If you know one of your neighbors has been going through a tough time, or perhaps have been too busy to cook for themselves, this kindness will go a long way.

This is a great way to think of how others are feeling and how we can show kindness in a simple way.

8. Visit a retirement home.

Share kindness through personal connection. Bringing your child to visit a retirement home is a great way to introduce them to intergenerational learning while bringing cheer to those who may be lonely.

Show your child that sharing kindness can be fun! Bring some games to play, make arts and crafts together, and listen to stories and the wisdom of the residents.

Sharing kindness should be easy and fun! Let’s raise up a generation of children who integrate kindness in their everyday lives and pay it forward through simple acts for the benefit of others.


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