5 Tips for Choosing a Summer Camp During COVID

Blog 5 Tips For Choosing A Summer Camp During Covid

As we approach another summer with COVID-19 in our midst, many parents may still feel a little uneasy deciding on the right summer camp for their child. Many childcare facilities and camps have adapted well to life with extra safety measures and health precautions to reduce the spread of illness. The best way to approach this important decision is to research the camps you have in mind and find out their policies and guidelines for summer 2022.

We’ve narrowed down 5 tips for choosing the right summer camp for your child during COVID.


1. Inquire About the Camp’s Sanitation Routines

Cleaning and disinfecting have become an important habit for everyone, especially in childcare or camp atmospheres. While some facilities have become more relaxed about their approach to sanitation, others have continued thorough cleaning habits.

Some things to look for in a camp’s health and safety measures include regularly cleaned bathrooms, sanitation of frequently touched surfaces (door handles, bins, cabinets, toys, etc), the use of water bottles rather than drinking fountains, and well stocked hand soap and hand sanitizer. An extra measure many camps will incorporate is limiting the use of shared items or equipment such as toys, crayons, games, etc.

2. Find Out How the Camp is Limiting Contact with Others

Social distancing has become a practice that can help reduce the spread of Covid. Whether a summer camp has 50 children in attendance or 500, there are ways to implement social distancing. Rather than finding out the number of children attending, seek out clarification on how children will be grouped. Many camps will have adapted from previous years, splitting kids up into smaller groups to help reduce close contact with others. Many camps may even stagger arrival times, mealtimes, and various activities to keep children spread out.

3. Will the Camp Screen for COVID Symptoms?

If you’re cautious about your child being exposed to COVID, it’s a good idea to look into camp policies on COVID screenings. One simple way for camps to reduce the spread of sickness is to perform regular temperature checks at the beginning of each day. If a child has a fever for whatever reason, it’s best for them to keep away from other children. Camp staff can also keep an eye out for children with symptoms such as a cough or runny nose. Knowing the staff will take these extra steps to prevent the spread of illness can put your mind at ease.

4. How is the Camp Assisting Children to Follow Safety Measures?

When children are in a fun environment and their minds are overstimulated with activities, it can be easy for them to forget even the simplest hygiene habits. It is up to the adults in the room to ensure children are following safety measures to stay healthy and limit the spread of illness. We recommend looking into camp policies or procedures around guiding children with their hygiene habits. Are the children washing their hands when needed (after outdoor play, before eating, after using shared equipment, after using the restroom, etc.)? Are they wearing their masks properly while indoors? Are the children refraining from sharing food during meals? We can greatly reduce the spread of the virus when staff are trained to go the extra mile in protecting your little ones.

5. Do Most Camp Activities Take Place Indoors or Outdoors?

Camps that take place mainly indoors will have more restrictions to help reduce the spread of Covid. Many camps will be requiring children to wear masks while indoors or in populated areas. Meanwhile, outdoor camps will be a breath of fresh air – literally! Outdoor camps will have natural ventilation to give your child the freedom to experience camp activities like “normal” without the limitation of masks.

Finding the right summer camp for your child doesn’t have to seem daunting. Take these tips and reach out to your top choices to see which precautions are being taken to limit the risk. Summer camp is an enjoyable time for your kids and will be a refreshing way for them to experience learning through social interactions this summer.

Nothing matters more to us than your child's health and safety. Rest assured; we take every precaution to ensure your child is safe when they spend their day with us.

Our schools and summer camps follow strict health, safety, and disinfection guidelines based on guidelines from the CDC and state and local departments of health. Practices include temperature checks and health screenings, face coverings, limited classroom access, increased hand washing, and enhanced sanitizing and cleaning. Our teachers are trained on these health and safety practices and are also certified in first aid and CPR.

Please contact your school for the most current community-specific guidelines regarding daily drop-off and pick-up, masking, quarantining, and more.

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