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Top-Rated Daycare & Preschool in Fort Collins, CO Fort Collins, CO at Bucking Horse

Educational Daycare, Preschool & After School in Fort Collins, CO
Located at Bucking Horse Farms near Jessup Farms

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-Star Google Rating

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2482 Miles House Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80525
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6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Welcome to Sunshine House of Fort Collins, CO at Bucking Horse Farms!

Welcome to the Sunshine House of Fort Collins, CO, located at Bucking Horse Farms!

For more than 45 years, The Sunshine House of Fort Collins, CO has been helping children build a solid educational and social foundation -- with all the fun of childhood mixed in. And we'd love to do the same for your child!

Get peace of mind your child is safe, learning, and having fun in a healthy, supportive environment at The Sunshine House of Fort Collins, CO at Bucking Horse. Our talented teachers and caregivers focus on school readiness, social, emotional and intellectual development, literacy, problem-solving skills, and what every child needs – love and care!

Sign up for a personal tour today, and find out how you can experience peace of mind tomorrow! 

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Fort Collins, CO School Features

  • 5-Star rating on Google!
  • Security cameras in all classrooms
  • Photo & video mobile app updates 
  • All new classrooms, equipment and playgrounds
  • Nationally-recognized curriculum
  • School readiness, literacy, Spanish & sign language programs
  • On-site e-Learning & Virtual Learning for 5 to 12-year-olds
  • Summer adventure camp for kids aged 5-12

School Transportation

  • To be determined

Fort Collins Daycare & Preschool Programs

Infant Daycare (6 Weeks - 1 Year)

At The Sunshine House of Fort Collins, CO, your baby will explore and learn in a nurturing, loving environment that provides the warmth and security your infant is used to receiving at home. In our infant daycare classroom, we utilize the primary caregiver system. Your baby’s main caregiver will work closely with you to provide consistency with your existing feeding, playing and sleeping schedules. While your baby is playing, your infant is also learning. Using our individualized Brain Connect Infant Curriculum, each week your caregiver will create a lesson plan for your baby, tailored to your child’s interests and development. 

Toddler Daycare (1 Year - 3 Years)

Our toddler program is designed to respond to this unique stage of development. At Sunshine House of Fort Collins, your toddler will participate in fun learning activities and creative playtime that stimulates the mind and encourages exploration, while introducing structure and an established routine. When your toddler is developmentally ready to start potty-training, we’ll partner with you to create consistency from school to home. Our toddler daycare program helps your child build invaluable skills, such as language development, fine motor skills, analytical skills, positive self-image, creativity, increased attention span, communication and social integration.

Early Preschool (2 Years - 3 Years)

At this age, your child is discovering something new each day. Our Early Preschool program is uniquely created to respond to your child’s natural curiosity and interest in exploration, while providing the structure and support your child needs during this important transition from toddlerhood to preschool.

Preschool (3 Years - 4 Years)

Building a solid foundation in the academic skills needed for Kindergarten and beyond is important at this age. Our preschool classroom at the Sunshine House of Fort Collins utilizes the nationally-recognized Creative Curriculum® and is focused on school readiness. Our early education specialists make learning science, math, language, social studies, music and art fun for your preschooler with engaging activities and fun experiences.

Pre-K (4 Years - 5 Years)

Our Pre-Kindergarten program prepares your child for success in Kindergarten. Using the nationally-recognized Creative Curriculum®, Pre-K provides fun experiences in language, math, science, social studies, music and art. And you’ll know exactly how your child is progressing! Our program includes a comprehensive assessment tool to help you and your child’s teacher measure progress and set goals to ensure a successful transition into Kindergarten.

After School (5 Years - 12 Years)

Your family needs a safe, supervised, fun environment for your child to end the school day. And we’re here to help with your after school childcare needs! Your student will join in fun, interactive arts, academic, technology, STEAM and fitness experiences with daily homework support. So while you’re at work, you can rest assured your child is safe, productive and having fun in our after school program!

In-Person eLearning (5 Years - 12 Years)

If your elementary school isn't open for in-person class or you prefer a virtual option, we can help. We offer on-site full-day and part-day care for school-aged children -- and will help facilitate your public school's e-Learning or Virtual Learning. This means your child can attend their school virtually at The Sunshine House, with educators available to help answer questions.

Meet Our Director, Carly Finch

My name is Carly Finch and I am the Center Director of The Sunshine House at Bucking Horse.

I have over a decade of rewarding experience working with children in a licensed care setting and I have been a Sunshine House team member since 2011.

When I am not at the center, I enjoy spending time with my husband and traveling somewhere new and exciting. I also love to read, craft, and I have an affinity for all things Disney.

I look forward to working with your family and our staff to create a warm, safe, and loving environment that will help to support your child's development and create a sense of home for your family.   

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