Top 5 Children’s Books about Presidents


Politics aren’t usually going to be a topic of conversation with your 5-year-old. It might not even be on our list of favorite things to discuss. Nonetheless, teaching our kids about our nation’s presidents is important and necessary – after all, there is a national holiday that celebrates the incredible 45 men who have led our country over the years.

We’ve put together a short list of children’s books for your little ones that teach them about presidential life outside the Oval Office.


1. Kid Presidents: True Tales of Childhood from America’s Presidents by David Stabler

Before they became president, they were just kids! Read about fascinating facts from the childhood of several presidents, funny stories from when they were growing up, and historical achievements that the history books won’t tell you. 

2. This Little President: A Presidential Primer by Joan Holub

It’s never too early to teach some presidential trivia! Start them young with this bright and colorful book that teaches even the littlest ones about 10 of our most memorable presidents. It highlights age-appropriate facts, introduces them to small pieces of history, and has playful pictures that your kids will love.

3. White House Winners: What You Don't Know About the Presidents by L.J. Tracosas

This one is a lighthearted look into the lives of our presidents – from weird facts to little known details about their lives – so that all kids can relate. Introduce your kids to the presidents in a way that makes them less of a public figure and more of a human. 

4. A Kids' Guide to America's First Ladies by Kathleen Krull

What would a president be without his First Lady? Read about the women of the White House, including their passions, troubles, and transition into life as America’s First Lady.

5. If I Were President by Catherine Stier

A book detailing the duties of the president from a child’s perspective. From diplomacy to lighting of the national Christmas Tree, this book introduces children to the president’s job as the man in charge.


Historically, children aren’t the biggest fans of politics. Lucky for them, celebrating our presidents doesn’t have to be political! These 5 books are a great way for children to learn about important players in our nation’s history in a way that they can relate to. Who knows, you might even learn a few things about our presidents that you didn’t know!

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