The Easiest Eclipse Activity on the Planet!



Getting your littles excited about the eclipse can be a tad complicated; especially if they're still too young to know what you're talking about! But, that doesn't mean it's impossible to get them in on the fun! We've got a simple and fun activity with things you probably already have lying around the house. The only thing you may not have? Eclipse glasses! You can find these on Amazon (and if you're a Prime member, that free two-day shipping is going to come in handy this time!), or at local stores around your town! Some eye doctor locations are even giving them out for free to prevent any eye damage during your eclipse experience! We picked some up at our local Ace Hardware.


To get the kids excited about the upcoming eclipse, we purchased some fun eclipse books from Amazon, watched a YouTube video that talked about where the sun hides during the eclipse, and we decorated our own eclipse glasses! Out of all the things we've done to lead up to this stellar solar event, decorating our glasses was their favorite! All you'll need are some white eclipse glasses (OR turn your glasses over and let your kiddos decorate the blank side!) and some crayons or markers. We chose to decorate with crayons and Copic Markers since they dry so quickly! 


I laid down a Melissa and Doug Blank Paper Roll  and laid out the coloring utensils and let the kids go wherever their creative minds took them! Now we'll be watching the eclipse in style! 


Happy Creating!


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