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5 Reasons to Choose Legendary Summer Camp for Your Child This Year

The weather is getting warmer, daylight a little longer, and summer is on the horizon. Where will your child go for the summer? Choose a summer camp for kids that’s powered by fun, exploration, and adventure. At Legendary Summer Camp, your child will go here, there, and everywhere, and you won’t want them to miss it!

Here are 5 reasons to choose Legendary Summer Camp for your child this year.

1. Exciting and Unique Weekly Summer Camp Themes

At Legendary Summer Camp, no two days are the same. Your child will get to plunge to the depths of the sea, experience the earth under our feet, and journey into space all in the same summer. Our unique weekly summer camp themes are built around adventure and exploration through exciting hands-on STEM activities, creative art projects, special guests, and of course, field trips! Who knew learning could be so fun?

summer camp for kids with exciting field trips

2. Adventurous Summer Camp Field Trips

Where else will your camper cool off at the water park, observe a giraffe’s patches up-close and personal, and tour a football stadium all in the same summer camp? Your child could take a peek into space at a planetarium, experience the science that surrounds us at a children’s museum, or learn about the earth under our feet on an adventurous hike. At Legendary Summer Camp, your child will enjoy imaginative experiences and field trips they will remember for a lifetime!

summer camp for kids adventurous field trips summer camp field trips for kids

3. All-Inclusive Summer Camp Activities and Swag

Legendary Summer Camp includes everything your child will need to be safe and cared for while you’re away at work. Your child will enjoy fun outdoor games, unforgettable field trips, and exciting hands-on activities under the care of experienced educators and childcare professionals. Summer camp includes meals, snacks, and activities to keep them interested all summer long. Plus, who doesn’t love free swag? Every camper will get a free t-shirt, reusable water bottle, and matching bag to carry all their gear!

summer camp near me

4. New Summer Camp Friends

Summer camp is all about having fun and making new friends. At Legendary Summer Camp, your child will gain a solid social experience while learning and having a blast. While your child enjoys planning a space mission, racing through the layers of the Earth, and creating a comic strip about adventures in flight, they will be making friends along the way. Besides, how can you fly to space without some friends by your side? Legendary Summer Camp is the perfect environment for new friendships to thrive.

summer camp for kids friends and field trips

5. Kid-Friendly, Parent-Approved Summer Camp

Families have trusted The Sunshine House for more than 45 years. Our programs, including Legendary Summer Camp, focus on school readiness, socialization, emotional and intellectual development, literacy, self-esteem, and what every child needs – love and care! So, while your child is having a thrilling time at summer camp, you can know they are having fun, learning, and under trusted care. “My daughter loved everything about summer camp! She loved the food, field trips, games, teachers, and playground! She was so happy with all the great trips!” – Catherine, a Sunshine House mom.

summer camp field trips for kids

So, where will your child go this summer? Here, there, and everywhere at Legendary Summer Camp, where they will have an adventure of a lifetime! Space is limited. Register to secure your child’s spot today!

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