Getting to Know Center Director, Fran Bartlett


The Sunshine House wouldn't be "the house that feels like home" without our amazing teachers and Center Directors. They're what makes our program special, while keeping all things in order. Get to know the people making a difference in your child's life -- one question at a time.

We spoke with Fran Bartlett, Center Director at our Summerville, SC school. She answered all the questions you want to know -- take a look below to get to know her!  

1. What made you pursue a career in education?

I was influenced by my mom. She introduced me to childcare at a young age. She was an infant teacher and a nutritionist for a privately-owned childcare center.

2. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The smiles and laughter of the children, especially when they run to me saying “Ms. Fran, give me a hug.”

3. What’s your favorite memory with your students?

I’ve been in the business so long that I can’t say I have just one favorite memory. But some of the good times are at field trips with the school agers and witnessing the excitement of learning.  Also, the joy of water days with the toddlers.The squeals of delight are priceless.It’s when I witness the light bulb moments, I know I have seen absolutely the best!

4. How have your students impacted your life?

I have had students return to me years later with their own children, telling me once they found out I was still here, there was no other place for their child.  I feel I have done a good job making these guys happy and it makes me humbled.  It pushes me to be a better person and role model for our little people.

5. What part of the curriculum do you enjoy the most and why?

I like how it brings in everyday things for us to study more deeply. Seeing it implemented throughout our school as I walk around or do tours is a great feeling.

6. What are your goals for the school year?

To make sure we help our families and staff in any way they need.

7. Why do you think early childhood education programs are important for students?

It has been proven that the first 5 years – the early years – are the most critical. It sets the stage for life events and emotions.  We need to start here!

8. What is one lesson or thing you want to make sure your students take with them when they leave?

They are important, caring and cared about, loving and loved without conditions, strong and able to make good decisions. Lastly, with hard work you can do anything!

9. How do you celebrate success with your students and teachers?

Praise goes a long way with children and staff. Children need to know they are valued. Staff need to know they are appreciated. re for my kids. They give me the strength to keep it moving everyday.  I want to make that difference.

10. Why choose The Sunshine House?

It’s my home away from home.

11. What is something about yourself that would surprise others? 

I am extremely shy, and I have fought with Multiple Sclerosis for 23 years.  It’s been a blessing. I wake up every day to face a new day and be there for my kids. They give me the strength to keep moving every day.  I want to make that difference.

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