Fun Indoor Activities for Kids to Keep You Sane This Winter


It’s cold out there; we’re talking winter vortex cold. And nothing will make your house feel too small quite like being stuck inside all day. Back in the warm days (which seems like a distant, sweet memory at this point), the kids could spend hours at the pool or running around the back yard to ensure an easy bedtime and a good night’s sleep. But with the outdoors out of the picture, we’ve coming up with activities for kids at home to move the fun inside!

1. Build a Fort

You may remember blanket forts from your childhood. If not, it’s exactly what it sounds like-- gather your blankets and pillows around the house to create an indoor fort. Not only are blanket forts a great way to get your kids active, but it also gives them an opportunity to problem solve. How are they going to attach the blankets to each other? What are they going to fasten the blankets to so they can get inside? Let them lead and you might just be impressed with what they build.

2. Give TV a Chance

Screen time isn’t always the best option (but sometimes it’s crucial for a parent’s sanity), so having good options for TV is a necessity. Queue Cosmic Kids Yoga. Cosmic Kids Yoga is a YouTube channel yoga class for kids, and the instructor incorporates a story into the class. The instructor breaks down the poses to make them easy while keeping kids engaged in the story line. TV time that includes educational games and getting active is a win for everyone. 

3. Shaving Cream

No, we’re not telling you to teach your kids to shave. But a $2 can of shaving cream can go a long way when it comes to entertainment. Fill each compartment of a muffin tin with shaving cream, add a drop of food dye to each space, give them a paint brush and put them in the bathtub. Let them go wild painting the tub walls, mixing colors and even painting themselves! Once they’re done, shower them off and the mess is gone.

4. Pour it Out

For some reason, many kids love pouring things. So, let them go for it. Give them a small pitcher filled with water and cups. You’ll be surprised how long that can keep them entertained. If you’re worried about the clean-up, put the cups in a pan and give them a sponge and encourage them to clean up any spillage. 

5. Fruit Loops

Having Fruit Loops on hand can come in handy for a number of activities when you’re indoors for what seems like an eternity. Give your kids pipe cleaners and have them thread the cereal onto it. From there, they can make a bracelet, or by connecting enough pipe cleaners, a necklace. You can also use Fruit Loops for hammering. Put a layer of Fruit Loops in a pan and give them a wooden hammer and let them go to town on it. Maybe you can come up with a recipe for your crushed Fruit Loops when you’re done too. If you do, let us know what it is.

The winter months can be brutal, so give yourself some credit for making it through January! For more kid activities and advice, visit our blog and share your favorite indoor playtime tips with us on Facebook and Instagram

Now get in there and discover the great indoors!

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