DIY: Little Blue Truck Photo Prop


Kids’ parties can easily overwhelm your entire news feed. So, how can you share all the fun from your party without posting photo after photo for days on your social media pages? Give your guests a photo op and a hashtag to use! 

 This Little Blue Truck photo prop was perfect for my son’s 2nd birthday party. It gave our guests a chance to snap a photo with a creative prop, and a chance to share it personally and keep it in our “album.” This “album” is located under the hashtag #LittleBlueTwo. Since the party was Little Blue Truck-themed, we thought the hashtag was appropriate. 

 Anyone who snapped and shared a photo during the party used the hashtag #LittleBlueTwo, allowing all the photos to stay in one unique hashtag gallery on any social   media channel. 

Now, how do you make this photo prop? Easy, peasy! 


 Materials Needed: 

  • 36x48” white tri-fold foam board 
  • Royal blue paint 
  • Black paint 
  • Gray paint 
  • Box cutter 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Pen or pencil 



1. Use a glue gun to glue the creases of your tri-fold foam board so the board remains completely open at all times. 

 2. Draw Little Blue’s silhouette on the foam board, making sure the truck silhouette takes up as much of the poster as possible. Drawing this silhouette may take several attempts. Don’t be concerned if you have to make several marks on the poster, you’ll be painting over it soon! 

3. Once you’ve drawn the silhouette, use your blue, black and gray paints to fill in all of Little Blue’s details (you may want to open up a Google image on your phone to ensure where all of his marks need to go). 

4. Allow the paint to dry completely. This shouldn’t take long since foam boards absorb paint so easily! 

5. Using a box cutter, go along the edges of the truck’s silhouette and cut it out. Make sure to use the box cutter to cut out the windows so your guests will have a place to put their faces! 

6. Your prop is ready! We tied some fun animal balloons to the mirror of the truck since all of the animals ride in the back of the truck at the end of the book. You can find these balloons on Amazon. 


This “photo booth” was such a hit with our guests and all of the kids loved it! For more Little Blue Truck party inspiration, check out our Pinterest board

 Happy DIY-ing! 


-Whitney Barnard 

 Digital Marketing Manager, The Sunshine House

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