DIY Donut Display

Items Needed: 
  • Pegboards/Pegboard Wall Display
     -This depends on how many donuts you want to display! We painted our pegboard sheets white, but you could paint them another color, or leave them unfinished. Here’s a link to the 4-panel pegboard display we purchased. 
  • Pegboard Hooks (These can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or any home improvement store) 
  • Balloons (Any color) 
  • Permanent Markers 
  • Adhesive Letters (Available on or at your local craft store) 
  • Assorted Donuts (Obviously!)  
  • Streamers, Piñata & Simple Décor (This piñata can be found at Target/, or Party City alongside colorful streamers and decorative fans) 


 The letterboard on our coffee counter for this event is a simple DIY that you can find here


Setting up your DIY Donut Display is super simple! 

Simply paint your pegboard display (if you want!) Open it up, insert pegboard hooks, and just add donuts! Your balloons should be blown up, and then using adhesive letters, spell out your custom message! 

 We also created some hand-lettered balloons to make a good contrast of words for this display! For this, you simply blow up your balloons, then use a permanent marker to draw each letter on individual balloons to create a cute message! 

 Add streamers and decorative fans to accentuate the area around the display and make a fun setup! Adding a larger item to your display is suggested so your donut display doesn’t look bare or minimal. We used a fun donut piñata for this area! 


 Happy #NationalDonutDay!


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