6 Ways to Avoid “Are We There Yet?” in the Car


To a lot of us the holidays mean traveling, which can be very fun. But traveling with young ones? Well, that can certainly add a layer of stress. But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Children are full of excitement about their destination and with that comes the inevitable question – are we there yet? 

We are here to help you come up with ways to avoid that question, while restoring some of your sanity!

1. Activities 

When planning a trip, make a list of small activities that can occupy your child while in the car. Bring small games, coloring books, or their favorite toy to keep their mind off the drive.

2. Keep Them Occupied 

Okay, so the games and coloring books are no longer working…have no fear! Although technology is sometimes frowned upon, it can be your lifesaver when dealing with the “are we there yet” child. Make sure to pack an iPad or DVD player with headphones to keep them distracted with a movie.

Tip: Don’t start off the trip with a movie. Instead, wait until you sense your child needs additional entertainment.

3. Bring Snacks (and lots of ‘em) 

The “are we there yet” question is usually followed with “I’m hungryyyyy.” Pack a cooler with lots of snacks that won’t make too big of a mess – but let’s be real, messes are inevitable with little ones. Granola bars, fruit snacks, or GoGo applesauces are always a good option.

Tip: Try to avoid giving children a lot of liquid on a road trip to avoid extra bathroom stops.

4. Plan 

When preparing for a trip, think about the time. If your child usually falls asleep around 7 PM, it may be wise to depart around 6 PM, with the hope your child will be asleep for most of the drive.

5. Chat

Throughout the hustling and bustling work and school week, it can often be hard to chat with your kids about important things going on. Travel time can serve as an opportunity to catch up and make sure everyone is up-to-date on important family business. 

6. Make Stops Along the Way 

If you are traveling long distance, stops are usually necessary. However they don’t have to be those boring rest areas. Plan an exciting stop-destination to give your children something else to look forward to. It can be as simple as a mountain overlook or something really cool, like a museum. Use this time as a mandatory bathroom break, also!


With a little pre-planning, you won’t hear “Are we there yet?” at all this holiday season!

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