5 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day with Your Daughter


March 8th is regarded around the world as International Women’s Day. It’s the day when we celebrate the accomplishments, both big and small, of women across the globe, and a perfect day to celebrate with your daughter. 

Whether you want to teach her about her own self-worth or about the value of other women out there in the world, here are 5 activities you can do with your daughter to celebrate International Women’s Day.


1. Watch a movie about a strong female 

There are TONS of movies out there showcasing a strong female lead. If you’re having trouble finding some kid-friendly ones, try these: Mulan, Madeline, Alice in Wonderland, Akeelah and the Bee. Not only are they kid-friendly, but it gives you a great opportunity to talk with your daughter about the importance the female character played in the movie and introduce her to this internationally celebrated day. 

2. Attend an event 

Take your daughter to an art expo or an exhibit by a female, attend a rally that is going on in your area for International Women’s Day, take her to a festival or a play at the local theater. Check on the International Women’s Day website to find an event near you. 

3. Read a book 

One of the best ways to educate and spark conversations with your kids is to read books. Fortunately, there are thousands of books out there written by incredible female authors or about strong women, so your choices are far from limited. To help you narrow it down, the Kitchen Counter Chronicles found 12 Books for Kids to Celebrate International Women’s Day.

4. Learn and do 

Pick a strong woman that inspires you and teach your daughter about her. If she was a painter like Georgia O’Keefe, learn about her painting style and try to mimic it. If she is a gymnast like Simone Biles, take your daughter to a gymnastics lesson, or better yet have one in your living room. If she is a tennis player like Serena Williams, watch a few videos about her and then head out to the courts to play a few games yourself. There are so many incredible women with incredible talents. Take today to celebrate those women and try something new. 

5. Say “Thank you” 

Pick a special woman in you or your child’s life to celebrate. It can be a grandmother, a teacher, a coach, a neighbor, or a lunch lady. Every woman deserves to be celebrated today, and there are a few who deserve a little something extra. So, write her a card, take her out to lunch, buy her flowers, or anything else you can think of that would make her feel special and loved. Most importantly, make sure she knows why she’s being celebrated.


Regardless of how you choose to celebrate today, make it a point to educate your daughter on the important role of women in the history of our world. Not only does she need to realize the importance of female contributions, but she needs to see that she is important and she can make a difference in this world. After all, our kids are the ones who will grow and transform our nation one day. So, let’s do our part and educate them on this International Women’s Day.

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