5 Reasons Puzzles are the Perfect Pastime


For all you moms out there looking for ways to entertain your kids without plopping them in front of the TV, think back to one of the simplest toys in the chest – puzzles!

Not only are they a fun way for kids to pass time, but they are developmentally healthy for them in several ways. 

For the sake of time, I’ll list only 5 of those reasons so you can hop in your car and head to the nearest Wal-Mart or Target to snag some puzzles for your little ones.


1. Problem solving  

Puzzles are a safe way for your child to explore the realm of trial-and-error. They learn how to think outside-the-box and come up with alternative solutions to combat problems they find.

2. Memory and concentration  

Puzzles give the brain a challenge to remember how all the pieces fit together, and helps kids learn patience when concentrating for longer periods of time.

3. Motor skills   

Putting together small puzzle pieces helps improve those fine motor skills that are needed for things like handwriting and other developmental skills. 

4. Puzzles are cheap  

You can find kid’s puzzles on Amazon for about $10. Compare that to your $30 Barbie Doll set and you can get 3 amazing, time consuming, and beneficial toys for the price of one doll that your daughter is going to convince you “needs a friend” in about a week or two.

 5. Puzzles don’t have an age limit  

Your child isn’t going to grow out of these in a few years. They might need a more challenging puzzle with more pieces to challenge their growing brains, but for the most part, your kids can use them time and time again and still face new challenges. Let’s be real, adults enjoy puzzles, too. They’re a great way to spend some time with your kiddos and may just help you de-stress from your long day at work.

So the next time your kids are tugging at your shirt with boredom, check your cabinets for some puzzles to keep their young minds occupied for a while. Who knows, you might even enjoy them more than your kids!


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