5 Perfect Preschool-Approved Shoes


Each of these preschool appropriate shoes are from Plae.  And while they may run you for a buck ($34.95+), they can sustain even the toughest playground kicks, runs and jumps and are super comfy with a flexible sole. Buying the $15 or $20 shoe may buy you a few weeks, but in the end, you'll spend just as much. 

When my twins started preschool, I went through several pairs of Cat & Jack shoes from Target before realizing the best course of action is one hefty, steady pair to dedicate as a "school only shoe". Sure, the others are great for weekend outings, birthday parties and dressing your child up, but they won't withstand the daily haul of your preschooler.

1.  The Strapped Sneaker

Straps are the go-to for ease, simplicity and getting through those early mornings without having to sit and pull on shoes and then lace them all up. These are especially awesome because your child can dress him or herself without needing shoe assistance! Simply slide these on, secure the straps, and you're all set!

2.  The Safe Slip-On

Most of the time, slip-ons, such as Crocs, aren't allowed at childcare or preschools because of how easily they slide on and off. It poses a risk when you child is running and makes it tough for them to partake in fun outdoor exercises and activities. These "slip-ons" fit snugger around the heel while providing a strap to keep your child's foot safe and in tact during play! 


3.  The Mary Jane

 I'll be the first to admit that A LOT of preschool-friendly shoes appear to look more boy-ish so it can be difficult to dress up your little lady and send her to school in style. But, Plae offers several options for girls with a sleeker and more feminine look. Once again, these shoes easily slide on while offering a securing strap to keep them snug and in place throughout the day! 


4.  The Cool Comrade


If your child is all about the ventilation, comfort and cooling effects Crocs offer, then this one is for you! These provide a sneaker fit feel and also have simple straps for keeping your child's foot secure. Unlike Crocs, these shoes don't offer the opportunity to slip and slide off, which means more play for your little!


5.  The Sandal Situation

   It's inevitable for kids to want to wear sandals in the warmer months, but toes showing is a big no-no at school. And I totally get it! It's not as fun or as cool, but this summer I threw some sandals on the twins and we hit our neighborhood park for some much needed outdoor time, and within ten minutes one of them had already scraped their toes from running in sandals. These sandal-like shoes share the foot-freeing vibes of summer shoes while giving your child the protection they need in the front. It's a win for everyone.

I know preschool shoes aren't always the most glamorous, and coming from someone who likes the deck their kids out, it is a downer. But, I would rather know that my kids are striding safely and comfortably while they have fun! 


Happy Shoe Shopping!


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