4 Reasons to Build a Gingerbread House with Your Child


The holidays are a great time to do fun activities with your children and start new traditions. These activities don’t have to be something extravagant, but can instead be something as small as building a gingerbread house.

Although it seems so simple, here are a few reasons why you should build gingerbread houses with your littles ones.


1. Boosts creativity 

Building a gingerbread house allows your child’s creativity to run wild. The graham crackers serve as a blank canvas for them to create the house they imagine. As parents, it’s important to let them create it how they want, rather than pushing them to follow the box display.

2. Builds motor skills 

Just like playing with play dough builds motor skills, building a gingerbread house can too! Believe it or not, squeezing icing onto a graham cracker does more than just make a mess. It strengthens your child’s muscles in their hands and fingers, which is key to their motor development. Additionally, their fine motor skills are strengthened by picking up and placing gum drops and candy beads onto their creation.

3. Family time 

Family time is something very important to little ones. Daily interactions with their parents and siblings is key to a well-balanced life. It creates bonds, makes them feel special and loved, and allows for parents to learn more about their children. Building a gingerbread house is one activity during the holidays that can serve as fun family time! 

4. Tradition 

In addition to family time being important for a child’s well-being, tradition is too. Creating a tradition with your child at a very young age promotes family togetherness, creates memories, and gives your child something to look forward to each year. Even though making a gingerbread house is a small task, you can turn it into something bigger by making it a yearly Christmas tradition! 


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