10 Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer


School's out, summer is here, and your kids are probably already pulling out the "I'm bored!" card. 

Whether or not you've given them countless ideas of things to do, they may still find a way to be bored -- and let you know about it. 

To spare your sanity this summer, we've come up with the Top 10 Things to Do with Your Kids this Summer. There are plenty of places to take your kids, fun, engaging activities for your children, and even interesting activities where you can join in the fun, too!

First things first: water games. We have a whole slew of water-related activities for kids. And with that summer heat, you might want to join in, too. 

1. Slip-n-Slide

The game we all know and love -- where you send yourself flying down a slippery tarp only to end up in a pool of suds and water. There are many different versions of this beloved kids game, and all kinds of fancy, water squirting, through-a-tunnel-flying slip-n-slides that your kids will love! If you don't have time to make it to the store to purchase one, check your garage for a big tarp and grab a hose and some dish soap -- and viola!

2. Squirt Guns

Big or small, these guys can usually keep kids busy for hours. Send them outside to play a game of Squirt Gun Capture the Flag in the backyard or Squirt Gun Tag while dodging in and out of the bushes for cover.

3. Car Wash

Yes, this might seem like work to you, but hand your kiddos a hose, some soap, and make it a competition to see who can wash their side the fastest -- and your car will be squeaky-clean in no time. If you run out of cars in your own driveway, send them over to the neighbors (with their permission, of course). I'm sure your neighbors would love a good car wash.

4. Chalk Paint

The bigger the driveway, the better. Give your kids the task of covering every inch of your driveway in their beautiful artwork and they'll be occupied for hours.

5. Lemonade Stand

The good ol' fashioned kind, on the side of the road in the neighborhood. Teach your little entrepreneurs the value of hard work and making money. As long as the customers keep coming, they'll stay busy! It's a win-win!

6. Plant a Garden

This will definitely be an endeavor you'll want to supervise, and probably will also take some planting. This could be a great way for you to plant that garden you've always dreamed of and an unexpected way to have fun with your kids!

7. Kid's Day Out

This might be a good one to save for the end of the summer. Whether it's the zoo or the new indoor trampoline park (hello air conditioning) or whatever it is they haven't stopped talking about all summer -- just do it! Give them one day to plan and do all the kids stuff they've been excited to do. And then sit back, relax, and take plenty of pictures of their huge smiles all day!

8. Backyard Olympics

Stage your own Summer Olympics and set up hurdles, obstacle courses, trampoline gymnastics, and more with all the fun stuff you already have. Make paper plate medals and keep track of points because the winner gets to pick dinner!

9. Cardboard Castle

Go to your local home improvement stores and collect some empty boxes of varying sizes. To beat the summer heat, head into the garage and let your little builders go to work! When their creation is finished, they can decorate using crayons, markers, paint, streamers, and whatever else you have in your junk drawer. Not only will it take them hours to build the perfect castle, but they will be kept busy for days playing inside!

10. Scavenger Hunt

Send them searching for as many things you can think of! You can do an A-Z scavenger hunt where they find something that begins with every letter in the alphabet. You can create a nature scavenger hunt, a household item hunt, or truly any other themed hunt! The possibilities are endless!

These boredom-busters are perfect for every summer day and can be reused over and over. 

If you've exhausted these by the end of the summer and want to plan ahead for next summer, head to our website and learn more about our Quest Summer Camp and keep an eye out for sign ups for next year! 

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