FREE Diapers and Wipes

We provide FREE diapers & wipes in our infant and toddler programs. Many of our day care centers provide complimentary formula and baby food.

Exploring Spanish & Sign Language

Beginning in our infant classrooms, children are exposed to Spanish words and phrases in natural ways, and invited to use them throughout the day. They also begin learning simple signs (signing) to express themselves, which has a host of developmental benefits.

Mornings start early. And so do we.

Our day care hours are designed for working families. So avoid the traffic and enroll your child in before and after-school care. We’ll provide free morning and afternoon transportation to and from school, and even serve your child a nutritious breakfast and snack daily!

What our families are saying about us:

I love the Sunshine House! I’m able to make sure my son is cared for after school by people who are nurturing, warm and loving. His homework is done when I pick him up, which is great!

-Sandy Smith