Creative Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween CandyThank you for your overwhelming response to our question in last month’s newsletter — what do you do with all that leftover Halloween candy?

We had a blast reading through your responses. These are our top three winners, who each received a $25 Applebee’s Gift Card, and a few honorable mentions…

  • Kristy Cobb and her family send their candy to troops overseas each year. She says they love getting candy from home!
  • Susan Barber’s son is diabetic, so she told him about the Candy Fairy. Each Halloween her son picks out 10 pieces of his favorite candy. The Candy Fairy picks up the rest and leaves him a toy. She donates the remaining candy. She says it works like a charm…
  • Shelvia Jeanmary makes candy brittle! She melts the chocolate and adds her family’s favorite fruits and nuts. And voila!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Save the candy for stockings at Christmas.
  • Put it in the rewards jar at home.
  • Reuse the candy in a birthday piñata.
  • Make candy bouquets for guests that come over for Thanksgiving.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their creative ideas!