Employer-Sponsored Care

Employer-Sponsored Childcare

Meet your employees’ child care needs with our expertise!

Looking for a competitive edge? Studies show that employers who offer on-site or employer sponsored child care have a more engaged and productive workforce. What would that mean to your company? To your recruiting efforts? To your bottom line?

Employer sponsored child care often results in:

  • Higher productivity
  • Fewer unplanned absences
  • Increased employee loyalty and lower turnover
  • Easier recruitment of employees
  • Enhanced reputation as a family-friendly employer

By The Numbers

  • 93% of parents cite work-site childcare as an important factor in job change.*
  • 42% of all employees surveyed said the availability of on-site child care was an important factor in their decision to join the organization they work for.*
  • Employee retention increased from 83.4% to 88.6%.**
  • Job vacancies decreased from 4.9% to 3.3%.**
  • Employees were significantly more likely to return to work after parental leave, increasing from 64% to 92%.**

Case Studies

  • A retention study conducted for Union Bank’s 1,200-employee operations center in Monterey, CA by Burud and Associates found a 2.2% turnover rate for employees who used the on-site childcare center, compared to a 9.5% turnover rate for parents who used other arrangements.
  • Burud and Associates’ study of Union Bank’s childcare center showed participants who used the on-site childcare center missed 1.7 fewer days of work than parents who did not use the center. They also found that maternity leaves were 1.2 weeks shorter for mothers who used the center than those who did not.
  • Simmons College’s 1997 Study found that 26% of management level employees say they turned down or declined to pursue a job opportunity because they value their existing work-site childcare.


For More Information

To learn more about how The Sunshine House can help you provide child care and early education to your workforce, contact: info@sshouse.com.

*According to a study conducted by Simmons College, Graduate School of Management.

** According to a June 2007 article published in Managing Benefits Plans, through a 2006 study conducted by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.